Beautify your life, patiently, gracefully

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Each soul is free to their birth right of divine happiness.

One ought not to dishonor the good of life.

In the world, it's illegal to live outside. That's the joke. Don't take it too seriously.

Life is a spectrum. The mind is a narrow arrow of that broad spectrum. Thoughts are the anchor of the soul. The world becomes mind. To quit the mind, either embrace the infinite, or reject manifestations of the infinite. Otherwise, gray is the kingdom of illusion.

- For people to successfully collaborate in peace and harmony with a collective of other infinite forms of consciousness (people/creatures/nature/beyond), an individual must learn to overcome their desire to possess and/or capture others. Entitlement to others must be set aside. Live, love and let go.

- External is internal. Outside in. All in one. Everything experienced is the struggle with darkness and light of one's own self.

- Each individual will make the transition toward the heaven when they are ready to let go of their worldly anchors.